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Apr. 3rd, 2012

till here.  I'm spending most of my time playing Prince Nuada from Hellboy II and Newt from Aliens in an online RPG.  Also rewriting a old Labyrinth fanfic.  Life?  I need one.
fter years of hemming and hawing I finally did it.  I got my nostril pierced.  I wonder if it's a mid-life crises thing?
When the urge to clean hits you, sit down.  It'll pass.

Eeeeek! In a good way

One of my necklaces was featured on Epbot.  If you don't know it... it's a sad thing.  It's done by Jen of Cakewreck's fame.


Oddly enough, that necklace was immediately sold.

If anyone cares

I joined a new RPG and it's off to a great start.  They're always looking for new players. It's pan-fandom and I'm playing Nuada Silverlance from Hellboy II.


Goals met.

Necklaces are done and posted for sale. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/purplerhino70)

The kitsune one is a prototype and I hate the mask.  I'll do better on the next so it can be for sale as well.  This one's mine, though.  (http://purplerhino.deviantart.com/#/d4rityl)

Having a hard time with polishing the fic. 


I'm gonna work on jewelry today.  Another 2 Owl/Labyrinth necklaces and a Kitsune one.  Sculpts are already done.  Just need to bead.  Nice light work.  That and revising a few chaps in that old Laby story are the entirety of my plans.

My lack of ambition annoys me.


Holy crap, a YEAR!

Holy crap, a YEAR!

I fell away from Livejournal a while back, and this last 12 months I've been so ill ending in surgery three weeks ago.

I'm gonna try ans restart posting and catching up here. :)

Beta Readers?

Anyone out there interested in betaing a revision of an old Labyrinth Fanfic?
My PC decided to die three days before my birthday.  Now, I had been looking for a new one since the old one's power supply was going.  I had a rebate coming.  Luck was  with me as the money arrived the day before my unbirthday.  I got myself a loverly present.  Unfortunately I was a moron considering I knew the old one was going and I didn't save some irreplaceable. 

Believe it or not it was my brother in law who informed me of the solution.  Did you know there's a cable out there that converts an old hard drive so it plugs into a USB port?  You can pull stuff off of it as if it were a flash drive, even if the OS has crashed.  Mine should arrive by Wednesday.

BTW... I lurve my new setup.  It's SWEET.